#Sick man

#PlannedParenthood has always been a shady organization, from its shady beginnings and its founder’s views of racial #eugenics. However it is also one of the darlings of liberals and the left, and any criticism of Planned Parenthood is often regarded as a personal attack on them and their beliefs. This doesn’t change the fact that at the very least, the organization is likely hiding something from the public. In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the latest undercover video involving Dr. #MaryGatter, who has worked as medical director for the organization’s #LosAngeles and #Pasadena affiliates. Posing as buyers from a biotech company, casts doubt over Planned Parenthood’s practice of providing fetal tissue to such companies. They are not supposed to be making any profit over such a sale, but the video casts doubt on this. Will a real investigation ever take place? Young Conservatives reports: The Center for Medical Progress [CMP] has released a new video that will continue the controversy over the supposed sales of fetal tissue by Planned Parenthood. As many might remember, the original “I Want a #Lamborghini” video controversy in which Dr. Mary Gatter is seen negotiating with someone pretending to be a fetal organ-tissue buyer was dismissed largely because Planned Parenthood argued that the prices being negotiated were merely to cover the costs of the transaction rather than a revenue stream for Planned Parenthood. That video can still be seen on youtube.com, but one must sit through or click pass a disclaimer by Planned Parenthood president Cecelia Richards. Today, CMP has released another video featuring Dr. Gatter of Lamborghini fame. On this one, she appears again to be negotiating with a prospective buyer of fetal organs. ✋🏾More in comments👇🏾

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#Sick man

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