Hiring Requirements @pHilososaur!

Philososaur, will only hire you if..
1.) You tattoo your entire face. (This shows sincere dedication!)
2.) Have a history of schizophrenia; and are willing to not take your meds, cuz we wanna see you trip balls, and talk to shadow people at the office. (We embrace creativity!) -Just don’t jump off the balcony please!! 😉
3.) You can’t drive a motor vehicle to work, bc it’s bad for the environment, and nobody wants fat employees. -Healthiness is next to Godliness! 😉
4.) Must be willing to humble yourself, by including Justin Beiber fans in your daily Re-Tweets.
5.) Last of all… You can’t have a high school diploma, I want people who can teach themselves, and don’t need a teacher. (No drones please!)

~Danny B. @pHilososaur!


IMG_20141128_140719fc039840461ab5f7a294b2be1f7c8e97 IMG_20140928_220621

I want a Team like this! ..But a lil’ different, “a Twitter Wolf-Pack, and a cyborg monkey!” 😛
Click pic to Buy! ONLY $12.99


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Hiring Requirements @pHilososaur!

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